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Two handcart trade buyers and sellers carries 1% services to expend in all

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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Wu Jiahui) yesterday (16) day, bureau of prices of the Chengdu City is aimed at Chengdu morning bright old motor vehicle of two handcart market, Chengdu trades province of the market, Sichuan trades by wind old motor vehicle Dong Hua of province of the market, Sichuan is indoor and secondhand car market make an announcement, when requirement buyers and sellers undertakes two handcart trade, the service is expended ought to according to trade of two handcart value 1% have collection, this service is expended by trade both sides is assumed each 50% , at the same time two handcart trade the market ought to provide corresponding service according to file regulation. It is reported, content of this announcement regulation will be carried out all the time on December 30, 2009.

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