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What is C-NCAP?

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C-NCAP is the new model that will buy in the market undertake with more overall demand according to more existing than our country mandatory standard safety performance checks more strictly colliding, the evaluation presses a star to class divides and be released publicly as a result, aim to give consumer system, objective car information, stimulative enterprise is developed according to higher safe level and produce, reduce the harm of road traffic accident and loss effectively thereby. 56km/h of speed of the openly collision that C-NCAP requirement undertakes 100% jackknife lead car speed 50km/h and barrier of rigid fastening wall to a kind of model, car is right the obverse side that 40% jackknife of barrier of alterable form wall lead slants buy collision, alterable form moves mural barrier, according to experiment data computation each experiment notchs and always divide, by total cent class of little affirmatory bit. Grading regulation is very meticulous and strict, highest notch for 51 minutes, astral class lowest is 1 star class, highest for 5.

Research center of Chinese car technology is on the foundation of thorough research and analytic abroad NCAP, communication of the car standard code that joins our country, road is effective circumstance and model feature, the test that undertakes communication of extensive domestic and international technology and practical test decided C-NCAP and grading are regular. What have car front and flank collision with our country is mandatory national standard photograph is compared, increased to slant not only buy front impact test, still be in in impact test of two kinds of fronts the 2nd seat increases dummy to place, and more meticulous and strict test project, technical demand is very overall also. Condition of car of ambient conditions of equipment of the demarcate that C-NCAP reachs sensor to experiment dummy, test, experiment, experiment is adjusted and regulation of experiment process pilot wants to compare national level more rigorous and slashing, agree with international level. Henceforth, c-NCAP still will undertake perfecting as technical development.

Car enterprise is opposite generally of C-NCAP roll out express to take seriously, think very significant to enhancing car security, also accord with China actual, affirmative meeting becomes the important basis that enterprise product develops. C-NCAP already got in preparatory process foreign attention, company of a few abroad has begun corresponding C-NCAP to have thorough research and test, foreign NCAP orgnaization also combines the experiment of Chinese circumstance and grading regulations to offer affirmation to C-NCAP.

NCAP is the earliest be begun in the United States and had waited for a developed country to run old new car to evaluate regulations in Europe, Japan, general by government or the origanization construction that have authority, undertake to the model that sells in the market according to stricter than national code method safety performance test, grading is mixed colliding differentiate astral class, evaluate a result publicly to the society. Because such test is open, strict, objective, for consumer place care, also make the important standard that car enterprise product develops, remarkable to improving function of car safety performance. In recent years, more country (wait like Australia, Korea, India) the NCAP that begins to take seriously and build homeland. Strict experiment requirement is the important premise that makes sure evaluation result is objective and accurate, accordingly, foreign NCAP lab has test equipment of Gao Shuiping and professional capacity generally. But, each country NCAP carries out the Dou Youming on regulations of means, experiment and grading method to show in the organization different, this and each country closely related the difference that in code the respect such as statistic of accident of traffic of system, road and car state exists. Apparent, the NCAP that copies foreign practice blindly to build China is lack scientific analysis foundation and highbrow.

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