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Point of safes is judged " future technology of safety of car of 10 big central

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The United States " Forbes " the magazine published a comment recently, new to current car safety technology undertook analysis and comment on, judge went out " future technology of safety of car of 10 big central issues " . Be seleted this " future technology of safety of car of 10 big central issues " new technology, it is action of the key since safety of a few pairs of cars, still was not perfected however or technology of all-pervading car safety.

Accordingly, the mark such as safety belt, common gasbag deserves to did not include a list of names posted up sheet in. Nevertheless this report emphasizes, in the safe product that at present car provides generally, safety belt still is most important.

1. Car electron stabilizes a program

Car electron stabilizes a program (ESP) it is the blame stability transport condition that can identify a car one kind, have the safe system of self-correcting. Predict to be before 2011, all models that sell in the United States will provide this one system.

2. Defend collision system

Had been apart from when car car small, when producing collision likely even, prevent collision system to will wait for means automatically to reduce speed through increasing brake strength, prevent to produce collision.

3. Scotoma early warning system

The visual blind spot that creates by A column, B column may cause traffic accident.

Be like a car advocate when driving can be observant and alert, can reduce traffic accident effectively to happen. Carry communication equipment through providing the vehicle such as chip of simple antenna, computer and system of global fixed position, the car can feel the 400 positions of other vehicle inside rice exquisitely.

4. Intelligent navigation system

Intelligent navigation system can make car automatic maintain reasonable car to be apart from with speed. If run quickly,Si Lei of Sa of Distronic, Lei Ke amounts to cruise system to wait, all can realize intelligent navigation function.

5. Car end monitoring system

All cars have in case backsight ability, so the car drives will become more convenient, safer. Current, only a few high-grade cars deserve to have car remaining part monitoring system, like Ao Di Q7 (fact of special subject parameter pats a data to pursue) , Leikesasi the model such as LS460.

6. Early warning system of tire pressure monitoring

The use state of tire affects car security directly. Accordingly, early warning system of tire pressure monitoring appears very important. It is reported, since this year September, the new car that rolls out in the United States will equip early warning system of tire pressure monitoring.

7. Intelligent safety gasbag

As technical development, safe gasbag also becomes cleverer and cleverer. Run quickly for example dishabille of a few high-grade models had gasbag of level type safety, play according to the strength grading that bump piece, because gasbag plays a strength,prevent a passenger too big and be harmed.

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