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Make strong narrow pass first years occurrence deficit of financial report colle

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On November 30, 2007 (on Friday) in the morning 10 when, china protects inspect to be able to reform development circumstance to hold a press conference with respect to 3 quarters insurance. Inspect is protected to meet spokesman of chairman assistant, news on the meeting Yuan Li says, arrived in July from last year this year in June, because be the first year when hand in strong danger system to carry out, because this makes strong narrow pass first years,financial report collect appears Zhang face deficit 3.9 billion yuan.

Arrived in July from last year this year in June, because making strong danger system the first year when carry out, cost of insurance company investment is bigger, and difference of existence of system of business accounting of finance affairs of the insurance company outside churchyard, the guarantee slip of our country insurance company obtains cost to be in current amortize, make strong narrow pass first years deficit of face of occurrence Zhang of financial report collect 3.9 billion yuan.

Yuan Li says the deficit last year has the reason of a few respects probably, begin first years make strong danger professional work, guarantee slip cost is compared relative to investment tall, transform e.g. computer, flow give somebody a new lease on life, insurance company of this respect in advance has a few investment certainly. At the same time the accountant criterion according to home, these investment are to must not be in henceforth a certain number of year of amortize, can be in only in those days amortize, this respect and international accountant criterion have a few difference. The accountant criterion according to home plus a lot of element that a moment ago introduced it is deficit the first year 3.9 billion, if according to international accountant criterion be somewhat of profit. Believe to strengthen and expand smoothly of the company of management and hand in strong danger business to move smoothly as next companies, saw the trend that made strong danger have profit this year.

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