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Car advocate hopeful no longer by flicker " contract of two handcart buying and

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Newest data shows, our country accumulative total trades first half of the year two handcart (car) 503 thousand, grow 32.88% compared to the same period. Although two handcart trade amplitude is swift and violent, but at present two handcart industry is put generally in sincere letter problem outstanding, trade behavior is non-standard, evaluate optional sex big, after service cannot follow good issue, the legitimate rights and interests that often creates customer cannot get assuring. For this, the country is industrial and commercial total bureau was announced a few days ago " contract of two handcart buying and selling " (demonstrative text) , the proposal pushs exercise to use inside countrywide limits. Apparent, of this one demonstrative text carry out the legitimate rights and interests that will be helpful for defending consumer, promote two handcart to trade form good order.

The country is industrial and commercial the contract of two handcart buying and selling that total bureau publishs shares 8 articles, vehicle of contain draw together is main circumstance, poundage of money paid for something purchased or received for something sold, change the name of owner in a register pays time, way, the risk is assumed, bilateral right is compulsory, responsibility of breach of contract, controversy solves the content such as means. Demonstrative text sets, the use that the bargainor answers to offer car to buyer, repair, accident, examine and whether to deal with guaranty to register, pay duty cost, discard as useless period wait for true condition and information, if appear to be not accorded with, will recoup all losses by the bargainor. Buyer should understand, the state that examines car. Before car consign buyer all risks of place happening are assumed by the bargainor and be in charge of handling, all risks that produce after car consign buyer are assumed by buyer and be in charge of handling. The time that the bargainor should agree according to the contract, place to buyer consign car, assure to enjoy the droit of car legally or deal with authority, assure what to show reach all offerred certificate that concern with car, proof and information are lawful, true, significant. Buyer should pay cost according to contract agreement, give the car of this locality to turning, buyer should understand, affirm car is turning into seat to deal with turn into formalities. The concerned car information that the bargainor provides to buyer is truthless, buyer has authority to ask the bargainor recoups the loss that causes accordingly.

This model for painting returns option of special put apart, requirement both sides makes clear car to whether be accident car beforehand, if be, make clear scathing place even. Not the buyer of know the business still can consult in model for painting " fill in specification " , explained scathing position and scathing state in detail among them, consumer can contrast one by one.

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