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Car of new the sources of energy sets admittance doorsill production, sale to wi

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Ministry of our country head " management of admittance of production of car of new the sources of energy is regular " begin to carry out since November 1. This indicates the production of a car of our country new the sources of energy, sale walks up from now on normal.

Car of new the sources of energy is to show the car that adopts special plan regards motivation as origin with fuel, have the car of new technology and new structure. Include to mix dynamical car, pure electric car (BEV, include solar energy car) , fuel batteries is dynamoelectric car (car of engine of FCEV) , hydrogen a few kinds. " regular " clear, change by national hair appoint the manufacturing admittance of car of responsible new the sources of energy supervises the work. Enterprise of production of car of new the sources of energy and enterprise of other car production are same, must change through national hair appoint permissive ability gains manufacturing competence. Namely enterprise of production of car of new the sources of energy and product must bring into national hair to change appoint " car production enterprise and product announcement " , obtain approve to Fang Kesheng is produced and be sold.

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Car of new the sources of energy still is belonged to in our country start period, one steam, on the enterprise such as steam, east wind, auspicious, Biyadi, Chang'an, strange luck is in intensify research and development, some already gained revolutionary headway, but compare with photograph of foreign car tycoon, still put in bigger difference.

The personage inside course of study thinks, " regular " the impact of medium and small businesses that carries out pure to production electric car is the biggest. According to relevant code, the enterprise has ability of particular actual strength to win the birth certificate of car of new the sources of energy only, if was not sent,change appoint birth certificate, electric car cannot go up license plate, start off also is illegimate. Accordingly, a few medium or small electric car enterprises may be faced with stop production.

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