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City of car of price of the shunting on Xue Folan plan is connected to anabiosis

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[I love car net dispatch] came out recently message, shanghai general Xue Folan will undertake model price is adjusted likely, go up on average amplitude modulation achieves 3000 yuan! This second price adjusts a model to include Cheng of the Le Feng below Xue Folan banner, Le Cheng, scene to wait! Of short duration does not adjust Kepaji. Nanjing area dealer shows: Current domestic economic situation, car town is small confused condition will last, restore to still need time. Passed in September half, truckload sales volume and photograph of the corresponding period of in former years are compared have great difference! The manufacturer reduces the method of exciting sale to not be fond of to the price! Depreciate with its be inferior to keeping stable small perhaps on tone! Those who maintain model price system is complete with stability! Avoid agency to enter the vicious circle that lose money in business sells, bring undesirable influence to area car city!

Loan buys a car gradually be current, this reflected the current situation of economic depression from flank!

Full plan of this price style will be in next week case begin carry out, material detailed information calls agency of place of Shanghai general Xue Folan to understand please!

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