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The field after Su Shunhua heart serves is transformed in the round near end

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Inn of Su Shunhua heart is one steam masses user the environment with comfortable warmth, undertook to the field after maintenance between false mid-autumn date comprehensive reparative and decorate, enter ending phase at present. During the National Day will with brand-new appearance shows a person. The editor sees in the spot, before, hind field environment is bright and neat, the client rests the area decorates all like that orderly, soft hardware establishment gets upgrading in the round. To this, inn just expresses, strict requirement, the target that civilized service is Su Shunhua heart not only also is the municipal government requirement to entire town people, nanjing is establishing countrywide civilized town, we regard businessman behoove as be the first to be affected! Achieve for Nanjing defend make contribution!

The comparative warmth that the exhibition hall decorates

Area of shadow sound recreation

The network serves an area


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