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China the first: The southern part of the country in completion of Nanjing of bo

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[I love car net dispatch] on September 18, garden of available harbor industry sponsors " in commercial vehicle of city of austral border lorry is big press conference of project of forum of industry of group of 4S mode industry " hold formally. One steam is liberated, cropland of blessing of steam of 2 steam east wind, north, on steam Gong Yan, north runs quickly, Jiang Huai of Chun Lan of group of Chinese heavy steam, Nanjing, Nanjing, Anhui. . . Tycoon of Nanjing heavy-duty lorry does not have one absent, conference spot tycoon gathers, in south make a when be faced with city of Nanjing of landed winter day peculiar view by the sword, lively setting that Popular feeling ran high.

The southern part of the country in the first heavy-duty lorry of China of border lorry city 4S group is fervent because of,have

Press conference that day, the lieutenancy index of spot of the news briefing inside garden of empty strong industry is approximately cruel canopy, favourable cooperative policy lets a lorry serve Shang Xinxi not oneself, enter first in succession halt, as have numerous brand, so-called China of a group of planes of 4S of the first heavy-duty lorry " in city of austral border lorry " unpluggingly and case, the consumption weighing card of Nanjing will find everything new and fresh constantly.

"As 4S inn arisen, the service between serious check a new steps leading up to a house, and consumer can get more first-class service for certain! " face grow steadily to compete however continuously the increasingly intense market that weigh card, nanjing blocked the agency of the brand not to live by Nai eventually again.

In south Leng Peiyi shows controller of project of car harbor commercial vehicle self-confidently: Should do evergreen base course of study, hundred years old store, sure want from area long-term program, in south car harbor relies on garden of airport car industry, content to shed area of custom of base, Nanjing to expand a dominant position, in together with south car harbor had been had enter into the intent of the brand that weigh card of 100% halt, future around move the core of commercial vehicle, in south car harbor course of study had formed group of industry of a complete set of, there's something behind all this can be done, in south the geomantic treasure land that car harbor course of study already made numerous international, home block well-known trademark to be contended for unexpectedly again.

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