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Gallop interest explodes privilege is close 20 thousand!

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Nanjing car city is about to greet Jin Jiuyin the sale busy season of 10, each manufacturer also are the sales promotion strength that increased his in succession. The editor understands from agency place, one steam gallops at present also the thing increased sales promotion strength. Gallop at present the hand is moved edition extent letting value has reached 6000 yuan of value 3000 yuan decorate; The extent letting value of automatic version more the thing is as high as 17000 yuan 3000 yuan of decorate.

One steam gallops

Official guidance price (10 thousand)

Last week market price (10 thousand)

This week market price (10 thousand)

This week price drifts

Accumulative totalFavourable extent

2.0 6MT is comfortable model 12.98-12.38 -6000 yuan of 3000 decorate 2.0 6MT is luxurious model 13.98 - 13.38 -6000 yuan of 3000 decorate

2.0AT is luxurious model





17000Yuan 3000 yuan of decorate

2.0AT is comfortable model





17000Yuan 3000 yuan of decorate

2.3AT is luxurious model





17000Yuan 3000 yuan of decorate

Market price case is fluctuant, notice website information is released at any time please or browse quote channel

One steam car gallops

Gallop 08 are to be in what configuration undertakes on the foundation of old money to upgrade, many technology upgrades and improve, undertake be optimizinged in the round to the core technology of new car at the same time, reflect one steam to gallop " intermediate value example " pursuit fixed position. Gallop at the same time 08 newest used holographic wisdom control a system (TiCS) , compositive hold accuse CAN, safe CAN, comfortable CAN at an organic whole, promoted in the round gallop the product value of the car and user value, reflected gallop particular innovation concept.

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