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08 remove Yasailatu comparative fact pats special

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Since Sailatu appears on the market oneself, by right of its excellent integral performance and tall sex price are compared, maintaining steadier sales volume all the time. Exhibit in the Guangzhou car recently on, east wind Yue is amounted to case inferior released 08 Sailatu formally, new car was done on the appearance alter in a small way, and take out of a few auxiliary configuration, the value keeps constant. We let saw 08 Sailatu change those places below.

Need states here, our comparative model is standard type, appear quite so more fair.

08 Sailatu change the biggest is before face, the chromium of single width plating that the net in before lies between bar to go up is horizontal an instead 3, plating chromium joins each other partly, look whole to feel stronger. The appearance of headlight changes somewhat, those who alter is more fruity, and outside headlight side increased turn to the lamp. The circular fog lamp that cash surpasses edition of the standard that draw a plan is cancelled on 08 Sailatu, southern pluvial mist weather is more, this practical configuration makes take out a little the person indissolubles, affirmation meets consumer increase this configuration to additional spending somewhat small decline.

[Under photograph comparing, 08 lie between bar to look more comfortable]

[08 Sailatu cancel fog lamp to make an editor incomprehensible]

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