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Mature derv and advanced mixture motivation, who has an outlook more (press rele

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Rise quickly as fuel price and the be vividly portrayed of domestic fuel duty, new the sources of energy makes car industry again wide the focal topic that gets attention. Among them, most be valued the new the sources of energy that gets dispute quite again at the same time mixes motivation and derv namely.

Acute of abundant cropland general this mixture motivation engine

Shuang Longai vacates XDi200 derv engine

Wait for technology of new the sources of energy to have a lot of not ideal or adverse factor than hydrogenous fuel batteries, pure electric car, mixture motor vehicle is current it seems that most the product of new the sources of energy that is valued. But the effect that mixture motivation rises in Chinese promotion or suffers a lot of real factors, develop and too won't hopeful. The author thinks, show level to mix dynamic to develop foreground to be inferior to mature derv motivation. Although mix motivation to there is desirable place really in the respect such as economic energy resources, environmental protection, can rise to decrease on certain level cannot of renewable resources use up. But with respect to the integral ability that at present domestic car consumes character, mixture motor vehicle gains ground very hard inside short time.

Above all the sale price of on the high side can let a lot of consumer flinch, the Pu Rui of mixture motor vehicle that matures quite with abundant cropland car this for exemple, 30 much values, the model price that estimates with the platoon with its is in 100 thousand yuan of less than, the money accumulative total of economic fuel also the difference of price of be not a patch on, commonner than getting very hard popular supports price of such lack sex. Be in the United States, the mixture motor vehicle of same model compares the Che Gui that assembles traditional engine 3000 much dollars, president of abundant cropland car crosses Bian Jiezhao to also think, inside the service life of this kind of car, its managing fuel charge can't offset additional to buy mixture motor vehicle disbursement car money. Although Fengtian is trying hard to search managing mixture motivation to save the method of cost, but analysts say however, the value of the rare metal that place of mixture motivation batteries uses is potential as rise to mixing the growth of motor vehicle demand, make cost is reduced come true hard. Mixture motivation controls a respect to be put in very real difficult problem really in cost. And present mature derv technology not only have mixture motivation to save the sources of energy and environmental protection the function of two respects, and the price also comparatives with average benzine car price. The derv edition of the double Long Aiteng that imports for instance and the price of this cropland CR-V are similar also, the price of Ao Di A6 2.5TDI also comparatives with price of its benzine edition, photograph of visible derv car compares mixture motor vehicle to there is very big dominant position on the price.

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