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Static state of SUV of 3 popular city is comparative

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As the abundance of domestic model product, the drive person that goes after individual character begins to change the look to SUV the product. Drive exceedingly goodly function, taken comfortable sex, functional diversity. . . Numerous perfect expression becomes the dominant position with SUV unparalleled model.

SUV market competition of home is very intense nowadays, beauty of day Han Ou introduces newest product China in succession, strong opponent of it may be said if forest, do not divide almost the same. We chose double Long Aiteng today 2 4 drive are luxurious model, this east wind cropland CR-V is automatic and luxurious model, Jeep guideline person automatic standard type, the price is in 230 thousand - 290 thousand between. The celebrity of advanced SUV model in regarding as, we will be short of 3 models actor in the article to be analysed simply, with Sun reader.

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