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The cross-country king in SUV, who is stronger? -- Lu Hu of Rhys spy II Pk disco

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The entrance this year is luxurious in SUV market, have two individual character the SUV with bright distinctive color sadly popularity leaves come, more and more get the extensive attention of cross-country car consumer. Rhys spy II and road tiger discover 3, it is an entrance together luxurious SUV, with the salable production that affirms to get customer fully of late, the argue of two cars after all who more get the better of do one prepare?

The exterior: Air of Jun Lang of Rhys spy II, lu Hu discovers 3 this world are firm firm and persistent

Exterior of Rhys spy II

As " world-class SUV expert " the top class SUV of car of Korea double dragon, the air that Rhys spy II reveals advanced and luxurious SUV on the appearance and sedate. Air of Jun Lang of modelling of Rhys spy II, come loose elegantly hot grille and exquisite exquisite charge for the making of sth. are perfect continued of high-grade SUV luxurious with grave; Massiness of automobile body air, round of outstanding eyebrow muscle move is very, the faze after matching what feel in order to move flows board the large area plaque that reachs tall simple sense, limousine car exquisite reveal with the of soldierly bearing of SUV undoubted.

Lu Hu discovers 3 exteriors

The good school that product of Lu Hu SUV holds to a model all the time is cross-country course, be bigotry more is design to hold to Founder figure in modelling. Lu Hu 3 acceded to go up the Yang Gang of generation is temperamental, a British car is shown below the appearance of guileless particular firm and persistent, integral modelling upright is smooth, sort the aesthetic feeling that shows a kind of mechanical. On appearance design, lu Hu discovers 3 although lacked an elephant Rhys spy II is in that way luxurious with bully gas, but its asymmetrical design of type end door is contracted also however reveal car of a kind of England little some is modern with halfback.

Interior trim and configuration: Nobility of Rhys spy II is costly, lu Hu discovers 3 concise and lively

Interior trim of Rhys spy II

What interior trim of Rhys spy II moves with nobility is brunet give priority to, match the ornament with metallic grain, the temperament of high fashion is in overtones. The interior trim of Rhys spy II and configuration can say nobility is costly. The interior trim of cream-colored and peach wood are acted the role of make railroad car none depressing, clear appearance and inside those who hide floodlight is muti_function steering wheel makes hold accuse to go to the lavatory. The first seat besides have heat, 8 to dynamoelectric adjustment outside remembering functional function with 3 groups, driver's seat still has a very close design: Car pulls out in flameout after car key, driver's seat can move from tendercy backward slip 5 centimeters, the vacuum with giant put apart is convenient the person that drive gets off, and after the car on the host of Rhys spy II, driver's seat can reply automatically the most comfortable before position, design what human nature changes the incisively and vividly of play. And the waist of seat of Rhys spy II holds a design in the palm the body form with special also Asian joint, slant besides the leg ministry space of the 3rd seat small besides, before two space can use wide comfortable appearance likewise, and the 3rd seat is in the person's much awkward hour is very practical also, unused moment seat in proportion fractionation is complete perhaps fold, can build a variety of agile and changeful space combination. Other such as greets guest footplate, delay to rise type to prevent the detail such as blindfold rearview mirror handle, automatically to deserve to design, rhys spy II also is done quite faultlessly, all show nobility everywhere costly.

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