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Xin Baolai is highest depreciate 17800 yuan

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The editor understands from Nanjing market, one steam masses yields benefit considerably to consumer recently. Among them Xin Baolai's price is begun to glide by the influence of this activity, highest now but privilege seventeen thousand eight hundred. Specific and favourable price is as follows:

Price of guidance of government of of Xin Baolai of one steam masses (10 thousand) market price (10 thousand) 1.6 hands of favourable extent move fashionable 12.1810.75 14300 1.6 automatic and fashionable 12.3811.28 11000 1.6 hands move luxurious 12.8811.10 17800 1.6 automatic and luxurious 14.0812.98 11000 1.8L hand is moved luxurious model 13.9812.88 11000 1.8L is automatic and luxurious model 15.1814.08 11000 Market price case is fluctuant, notice website information is released at any time please or browse quote channel

The model of class of Xin Baolai introduction had had all configuration that basically must want, be worth what carry is the fold with particular masses key of electron of type of 3 key an organic whole, but remote control rises fall car window, boot of alone remote control leaves shut. Powerful function brings more advantage, do not fear damage, need not key case. No matter you are in any angle are OK open car, huge went to the lavatory consumer.

Xin Baolai regards old money treasure as the model changing a money that come, the price is reduced somewhat, but configuration and the difference with also have with makings photograph than old money treasure. The appearance is low-key inside although the Xin Baolai of collect is used makings is more general, still continued in workmanship respect the workmanship with German careful car, suit those not to hope too cross make public, but the customer that has particular demand to character. Additional, although technology of Xin Baolai engine is a little old, but maintenance price is cheaper, suit average family to use. Interested friend mights as well go having a look.

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