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Love of this Shuanglong of Tian Xin CRV Vs vacates shark of land of gentle small

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Although consumption tax adjusts the combined influence that reachs oil price to rise often, but the SUV market this year still is behaved not common, competition is unusually intense. Whole market shows cold heat not all, glacial fire is double the new situation of the day: Cheap SUV with each passing day type is small, glide apparent; Breed of high-grade SUV market is abounded increasingly in, model more hasten is popular. Be in in high-grade SUV market, this Tian Xin CRV and double Long Aiteng are the masterpiece of SUV of class of day Han introduction respectively. From the point of the comprehensive strength such as function of the exterior, interior trim, motivation, price, they out house, each has his strong point.

Modelling style similarities and differences

The shark car head that love vacates, engine builds Ban the scale of around of stereo radian, irregular headlight, automobile body, the muscle line with the car end that is take a sudden turn and become worse rapidly even and double dragon peculiar car, round of circle like balefire annulus... always think Korean design is all along conservative inside course of study, and love vacates the breakthrough that let a person see Korea designs a style to pledge however. Of this Tian Xin CRV before the face is a bound with the edge on bumper, upside is headlight of this cropland tradition formative and radiator grille column, bottom is the unyielding man that sends powerful figure, of whole forehead umbriferous the Greek letter Σ that looking to as if from flank is capitalization, have originality quite really, just do not know truckload is the wind block coefficient that is as high as 0.39 concerned with this? From the point of modelling design style, korean let a person this look at with new eyes really -- if open the result to the driveway,also be same: So-called have the 120% love that lead later to vacate a person to enrage absolutely far outclass this cropland CRV.


45 degrees of side of double Long Aiteng are rear

Of this Tian Xin CRV left hind side

Interior trim style is disparate

Regard respective car as the example of the department, CRV and the interior trim do manual work that love to vacate are very exceedingly good in be the same as level car. New CRV interior trim is usable and careful 2 words are wraparound, face plate is tonal and tie-in reasonable, with makings do not calculate very high-grade, but juncture is even and fluent; Dermal seat also can show exquisite do manual work fully. The interior trim that love vacates appears special have fashionable feeling, slam the door of copy peach wood set, brunet interior trim is used entirely inside the car, sedate and a bit is not shown drab, with great majority of far outclass of makings and simple sense homebred SUV, the SUV motion style that the key-press of few points circle and the plating chromium ornament that make the finishing point highlighted love to vacate again. On steering wheel muti_function control pushbutton is used very convenient, each pushbutton special while you're at it, seat is thick having pretty good wrap up sex at the same time. Do not pass from impressions word, the interior trim style that love vacates had surmounted common SUV, be full of feeling of science and technology, arouse the desire that control more easily, under photograph comparing, new CRV was satisfied store the versatility with content rich case, interior trim designs a style more the feeling of incline to car.

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