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Platoon of decisive battle economy measures model of 3 popular 1.6L to be compar

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Recently a few months, sweep of domestic car city a powerful 1.6L agitation, block the 1.6L such as 1.6L of Luo La 1.6L, Mazda3 1.6L, Ming Rui to weigh pound model to be rolled out in succession, as function of intermediate car travel and economy model can gold breaks up a dot, who can just show itself in 1.6L model battle royal? This we make a detailed contrast to these 3 models, who to see more get the better of one prepare.

The exterior is comparative:

In modelling respect, mazda3 1.6L, racing bike of type of shape of canister of the face before meshy grille, 3 annulus changes the model of athletic automobile body that introduced style, black appearance dial, move feel and vogue; Headlight of keen accipitral eye type, style of interior trim of motion of exquisite of practice of concise all previous, craft, build go out to be driven high qualitily by the environment. Opposite nevertheless at its Mazda3 1.6L appearance feels a few more inferior for the appearance of 2 version.

Generation model photograph is compared on, blocked Luo La 1.6L to blend in more Europe type styles, integral modelling is flatter, bigger, more sedate. Local line of Kaluola very heavy and complicated, already fruity concave and convex have send, look from different point of view have different aesthetic feeling, look to resemble the Kaimeirui of miniature edition. Of only a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing is, what flank line closes in the rear is too fast, affected result of whole of automobile body lateral.

Platform of PQ35 of popular of bright acute out, the exterior and Pasate are a little similar, the appearance is medium the quadrature in compasses, look middler, nevertheless its rear used structure of automobile body of the type that lift a back to indicate its rough need again.

Exterior contrast sums up:

The preference of appearance respect individual held very big factor, a motion feels dye-in-the-wood, an a fashionable air, appearance is relatively sedate, specific should choose that one be fond of that is about to see yourself.

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