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Peak peak is small endowment belle vogue car is recommended 7 times

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What the peak peak here points to is the personality that he reveal inside certain limits and actual strength, return to essence of course or be small endowment, thought of this part person is mature, the action is courageous and resolute, successful be under one's control. The belle that the month joins number is small endowment people those who value is the opportunity that seizes all releasing, return before the male that despises oneself to exist in those with strong fight back. So buy what kind of car to be able to be reflected small endowment the ego individual character of belles, here recommends 7 to exceed individual character car to choose in order to offer for everybody.

1 [masses new beetle] type: EntranceStart off leads 80 % later

Beetle car built a car of the first appearance 1935, to today more fashionable and moving new beetle model, design be used to passes original biscuit form to make person look over unforgettable up to now, exist as fashionable mark content from beginning to end, regard the masses as one of successful models on the history, global sales volume exceeds 22 million.

Beetle is depended on lovely beautiful beautiful the favorite that exterior makes city girl

A variety of colour and remodel also release the glamour of beetle further

New beetle grew wheelbase of tall 1498mm of 4081mm wide 1724mm to achieve 2508mm. Such built-in measure satisfies female car completely advocate freedom controls the dimensional feeling of a need. And the steel body automobile body of new beetle complete galvanization, its are antirust the expiration period achieves 12 years.

Above interior trim concise and lively, the craft with delicate Germany and considerate human nature change a design to let a person gasp in admiration.

Of new beetle active safe system is quite complete also. The electron stabilizes a program (ESP) , the electron differs Suo Suo (EDL) , prevent adopt dead brake system (ABS) make dynamical dispatching system with the electron (EBD) , gasbag of double safety of the in front of inside the car and side safety gasbag also everything needed is ready, many sided assures the biggest the vehicle that convert is safe.

See new beetle open sail edition remembers ~ ~ attends contest of XX rich guest to win take new beetle open car!

New beetle has a variety of color and interior trim collocation to be able to offer an alternative, dynamical respect has 1.8T and amount of two kinds of 2 platoons optional. Dynamical performance is superior, low oily cost, low discharge. You make cannot dodge between freely the look that Jing admires.

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