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Contend for sharp edge VS of opposite Ming Rui blocks Luo La

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The car city it may be said June is lively and extraordinary, the new car of much money heavyweight appears on the market in succession, among them everybody pays close attention to most should belong to 2 compact model car, the whole world that Shanghai masses Si Ke amounts to Ming Rui and abundant cropland is popular the 10th acting COROLLA blocks the car Luo La.

These 2 cars are Ming Rui, Kaluola together compact model car, the target is consumed group almost identical also. Price interval is about the same also, can saying 2 cars is to contend for sharp edge opposite. Platform of PQ35 of popular of bright acute out, the heart that is a model fastens a car; And Kaluola regards Feng Tian's whole world as popular car, the day that is a model fastens a car. Believe to want to buy recently compact model the friend of the car, these 2 cars are certainly in your consideration limits. Who should choose after all? Who is worth to buy more? Below small make up contrast 2 cars, consult for everybody.

The exterior is comparative:

[card collect pulls the exterior]

[bright acute exterior]

Kaluola belongs to cropland of one steam abundant corollaceous the 10th acting product, its line is rich and generous and full, and derive Kaimeirui's element, expert so that the ground catered to the middle modelling utmost of body to differ to buy the home. Platform of PQ35 of popular of bright acute out, the exterior and Pasate are a little similar, the photograph is a few less than Kaluola vogue is moved feeling, a few more however sedate.

The preference of appearance respect individual held very big factor, a vogue uses a feeling, external form relatively sedate, specific should choose that one be fond of that is about to see yourself.

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