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This 09 cropland Legend exposure

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Respecting this cropland Legend course of development, car of a lot of home is confused not should unfamiliar, although regard the admiral of this cropland as the model, but do not have the home market that be introduced however. The reason depends on RL of eulogize of model of brand of high end of the Cheng Tongji in this cropland is same money model, but at different market, used different name. Be in recently, this cropland government released the official photograph of 09 course of development, predict to will be in appeared on the market within Japan 2010.

The modelling of exteriors of this 09 cropland course of development still tends 09 RL, it is detail respect differs somewhat only, brand-new of the design in the aegis form design that the net compares new fund RL it seems that wants many good-looking, and approximate Yu Bentian the 8th acting elegant cabinet. New bonnet also has muscle feeling more it seems that. The headlight group of the type that include part, before group of the taillight after the grille taking energy of life of bumper and LED undertook modification, and used hub of brand-new 18 inches of aluminium alloy.

Interior trim part the change of 09 course of development is not very big, basically consist detail share decorate, used the wooden grain plaque that feels better character. Blue tooth increased to avoid on configuration carry system and USB interface.

09 course of development carried dynamical respect engine of 3.7 litres of SOHC V6, tie-in 5 fast hands from gear-box of an organic whole, 0-100 kilometer is 7.1 seconds only quickly. Plus this cropland most bring think the system of SH-AWD four-wheel drive that be proud, make 09 course of development have better drill to charge a sex.

The 2009 paragraph general of the RL of sororal model eulogize of this 09 cropland course of development this year second half of the year appears on the market in American market, believe to be in also can land home market soon. If such word, this this brand-new cropland course of development may not have market of predestined relationship China.

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