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Head push 2.5L car new horse to amount to 6 Chinese name to was released on Sept

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The editor understood recently: Brand-new generation horse is amounted to oneself 6 will release Chinese title formally on September 8. Additional, new Ma Zida 6 will continue continue to use is original " technical collaboration " means is produced in one steam, 2.5 litres of model general that take the lead in rolling out and old money horse are amounted to oneself 6 (2 litres of platoons are measured) collective sale, and of short duration of model of quantity of platoon of Ma Zida 6 2.0 does not roll out new fund.

Brand-new Ma Zida model is older paragraph model all increases somewhat in respect of automobile body dimension, car height gave 85mm, the addition with corresponding also wheelbase arrived 2725mm. This means new horse to amount to the 6 models that want excel to be sold at present in respect of space of ministry of ministry of the leg inside the car oneself. In automobile body height and width respect, new Ma Zida 6 increased 5mm respectively, explain the transverse space of this car interiorly and head space promote somewhat.

New Ma Zida 6

New generation horse amounts to the automobile body line of 6 to become oneself more fluent, make this new car money has the taste of racing bike more. Additional, new generation horse amounts to the 6 brand-new aluminium alloy hub that deploy oneself, promoted this the fashionable breath of paragraph car.

New Ma Zida 6 still used quinquangular water tank, but of this car before headlight was passed redesign, accipitral eye headlight is amounted to oneself for the horse 6 bring the visual result with dye-in-the-wood tension. Additionally this car used design of the fog lamp before independence, distinguish at old money model. New Ma Zida of 6 before round of arch criterion of leaf board more form is outstanding, draw the outline of the car side modelling with a rich curve.

New horse amounts to the taillight of 6 to pass new design oneself, taillight of formative of red phoenix eye builds the visual effect that gives roadster. On lid of box of the back after the light of Buddhist templeput on the brakes that be worth what carry is this new car is moved, this is a with old money very big distinction, additional hind pushbutton of open back box is on the side of brake lamp, it is a very original design.

New generation horse amounts to 6 interior trim to be changed somewhat on dimensional design oneself, its steering wheel angle and platoon archives height are adjusted somewhat, make drive in long-distance drive comfortable sex is had more when driving with alleviating exhaustion feels. A place with a draught of acoustics of 6 dish CD, empty v mixes cell to cell of air conditioning of constant temperature of independence of HVAC left and right sides, lead plane muti_function information indication screen is in by next consummate enumerate in accuse a stage to go up. Ma Zida is clever also at the same time apply argent metal plaque tie-in and coriaceous inside outfit, for Ma Zida 6 interior trim make the interior trim atmosphere that holds a science and technology and simple sense concurrently.

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