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Car of first class A rises to Xue Folan surface predicts 9-13 10 thousand yuan

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As new fund Le Cheng appear on the market, of general Xue Folan " economy car " the plan also begins to be carried out stage by stage. According to divulging, although not was which car certainly, but the plan that Xue Folan already began to begin to plan vehicle of class A of put into production. And figure according to the outside, consult the model may be greatly extremely before long hind the Xue Folan Cruze that appear.

Xue Folan Cruze

Regard general motors as model of strategy of another whole world, xue Folan Cruze will be exhibited in the Parisian car October on appear. To the product layout of Chinese market, the staff member once expressed related general motors: "Xue Folan brand rolls out more economy car in Chinese market of purpose, besides already besides some A0 class, B and product, xue Folan also will be in China car of class A of put into production. Xue Folan also will be in China car of class A of put into production..

As we have learned, shanghai general Xue Folan be about to the Cruze of put into production and the Biekekai that making work belong to class A car together more, and snow Buddha Lan Zaikai jumps over 100 thousand ~ there is a model temporarily inside 140 thousand yuan of interval. Industry forecasts price to will not exceed 140 thousand yuan, happy as a result of fixed position prep above wind, Le Cheng under Xin Jingcheng, accordingly the predicting price of this car will be in 90 thousand ~ 130 thousand yuan between, such price on one hand as it happens is in the Le Feng that is the same as a brand, Le Cheng, Xin Jingcheng between the price, on the other hand also as it happens forms difference more with the Xin Kai that fasten a gram, slightly under this car.

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